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About Small Group Training

At Rachel Staffe Fitness we are committed to helping individuals achieve their goals and one of these ways is through group memberships.

Personalised Workouts

Get workouts that are personalised to the way you're able to exercise.

Flexible Training Sessions

Training sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6pm

Weight and resistance focused

Weight and resistance focused training is the best way to increase muscle strength and anaerobic endurance.

Members-only support group

If you're needing support or encouragement we're able to give this to your within the support group

Free Gym Access

Anytime Gym access is included within your group weight loss program


We will provide you with Metabolism, Nutritional and Protein Recipe E-Books

Our group membership brings a very personal approach without the added cost, where you will be grouped with supportive like-minded individuals. You will get all the guidance, support and encouragement you need around the clock!
See what group weight loss membership we have near you.

Small group personal training:

Tone up, shape up, gain lean muscle and lose body fat in a small group of individuals! Focus on weights, strength, technique and working yourself that little bit harder with more encouragement.

3-5 people maximum.

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